Why Dentures?

Replacing missing teeth is important if you want to maintain a healthy smile. Dentures are custom designed to look natural and feel comfortable. It may take some time to adjust to your dentures. Speaking and eating may feel different at first, but these regular activities will resume normally once you are accustomed to your dentures. Reading aloud helps to adjust to speaking.

Care Instructions for your Full or Partial Dentures

Brush your dentures daily with a specially designed denture brush and liquid soap over a sink of water. (Don’t forget to brush your natural teeth, gums and tongue with a regular soft tooth brush.)
Make sure to rinse and brush your denture to remove any debris after eating.

·         While not being worn, keep your dentures in water (not hot) to prevent warping.

·         Handle with care and keep out of the reach of children and pets

·         If your dentures become loose, chip, break or crack, see your Dentist as soon as possible.

·         Eventually your denture may need to be relined. This consists of adding new material to the inside of the denture.

Complete Dentures

If you loose all of your natural teeth, full dentures replace your missing teeth and your smile. A full denture not only replaces natural teeth but also provides support for cheeks and lips. You will also be able to eat and speak which are two things most people take for granted until their natural teeth are lost.

Upper dentures

Upper dentures are held in place by a vacuum created between your denture and the palate of your mouth.

Lower dentures

Lower dentures are horseshoe-shaped to accommodate the tongue.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth. Removable partial dentures usually have replacement teeth that are attached to a gum colored plastic base that is connected to a metal frame. This metal frame has clasps that attach to your natural teeth.

Getting used to your partial denture may take time. Inserting and removing your new denture may feel strange at first but after 2-3 weeks if should become more natural. 

With partial dentures you will still have natural teeth. These teeth are important to support your new appliance. You will still need to visit your dental office for regular cleanings and check ups. 

George W. Swanson, D.D.S